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Why Pedicures Are About More than Just Aesthetics

Why Pedicures Are About More than Just Aesthetics

Pedicures are among the most misunderstood beauty treatments out there. Most people view them as something that you do to pamper yourself – an indulgence that is, at the end of the day, simply about making yourself look a little better by giving your toes a makeover. Of course, a great pedicure can certainly accomplish that goal, but the reality is that pedicures do so much more than just making your feet and nails more attractive. Yes, pedicures are about more than just aesthetics; they’re essential for maintaining overall foot and nail health as well!

About That Dead Skin Buildup…

Over time, your feet tend to develop a buildup of dead skin on the soles. If you ignore those dead cells, they can eventually develop into calluses, and may even result in pain and discomfort if they crack open. Severe calluses can even result in bleeding, and even foot infections that lead to more severe problems. A good pedicure will include the removal of that dead skin, to ensure that those calluses are stopped even before they can form.

Toenail Fungus? Say It Isn’t So!

Foot fungus isn’t just something that you need to worry about if you’re wading around in creeks or swamps all day. It’s also something that can afflict those who don’t give their toenails enough attention on a regular basis. If you’re somewhat casual about your nail-trimming efforts, you can easily find your toenails growing to unhealthy lengths. Yes, that’s right: there are lengths at which toenails can be a source for unexpected health concerns.

Fungus is the primary issue you need to worry about with overgrown nails. When your toenails are too long, they provide an ideal environment for fungus to take root and grow. That can lead to discoloration of the nail, itching, and even painful discomfort. Of course, that’s not the only danger associated with ignoring those trimming efforts. Nails can be injured or broken if you stub your toe, and can even suffer discoloration from constant contact with the inside of shoes or boots.

Odor a Problem?

The feet are also one of those body parts that seems to be vulnerable to foul odors. If you’ve noticed that your feet smell bad, and you haven’t had a proper pedicure in a while, chances are that your inattention to good grooming is at least partly responsible for that odor. A good cleansing and removal of dead skin cells and debris can go a long way toward improving the health – and odor – of your feet.

Of course, your pedicure at Tiffany’s Beauty Spa will also leave your feet looking and feeling great – and that will almost certainly be the primary reason you come to see us. Just know that your next pedicure will truly be something more than just a decadent pampering session! Instead, you’ll be giving your feet and nails the loving care they need to ensure that they’re as healthy as can be. To schedule your next appointment or to find out more about the best pedicure services in Fort Lauderdale, call us today.