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Upper Lip Waxing 101: Facts You Need to Know

Upper Lip Waxing 101: Facts You Need to Know

There are few things more frustrating for the average woman than trying to deal with unsightly upper lip hair. Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded “mustache” that all women instinctively want to erase! Some try shaving, but that’s a very short-term solution, and can often make the problem worse. There are creams, of course, but they sometimes irritate the skin. Fortunately, there’s a better way: waxing. And we have the information you need to decide whether upper lip waxing is right for you.

Does Waxing Eliminate Hair Forever?

No, waxing is a temporary solution. The hair will grow back after three or four weeks, at which point you should have it removed again. Now, you might wonder why you should even bother to wax, if it just regrows. After all, you could just shave the hair off – right? Well, that is certainly true – if you want your hair to grow back stronger than before. Of course, we’re assuming that’s not what you’re looking for!

When you wax, the hair grows back, but it’s lighter than it was prior to the waxing. Over time, even the regrown hair will be less and less noticeable! That will make your skin softer, more attractive, and easier to manage.

Waxing Offers Only Mild Discomfort

Most women who avoid waxing do so because they are worried about the potential pain. The fact is that waxing shouldn’t be horribly painful – but there will be discomfort. After all, wax is being applied and removed, pulling the hair out in the process. Obviously, that’s not going to be a pleasurable experience! At the same time, though, it’s not the type of discomfort that should leave you wincing in agony – and that minor discomfort fades almost immediately.

Waxing Aftercare is Necessary

Waxing is a simple procedure, but there are aftercare steps that you need to take when you leave the salon. For example, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible for at least 24-hours. It’s also a good idea to stay away from pools with chlorine in them, to avoid irritation. And avoid exfoliation, or other scrubbing treatments that could irritate the skin, as well as hot environments.

Follow-Up is Important

As noted, these treatments only last for about a month, so you will want to schedule a session once a month. As time goes on, you will enjoy less upper lip hair, reduced discomfort, and better overall skin reaction to the procedure. And you’ll love the way you look!

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our waxing technicians are committed to ensuring that you get the best waxing services in Fort Lauderdale, to help you maintain the perfect skin you were born to enjoy. With upper lip waxing, you can finally be free of that unwanted hair, and never expose your face to razors or harsh chemicals again. To learn more about how we can help you deal with your upper lip waxing needs, and to schedule your next appointment, contact us today.