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Skin Care Matters and Scheduling Regular Facial Treatments is Vital

Skin Care Matters and Scheduling Regular Facial Treatments is Vital

There seems to be quite a bit of debate out there about how often the average person needs to supplement his or her home skin care routine with a facial treatment at a spa. That’s natural, of course, since everyone’s skin is unique. Your own skin care needs depend on things like skin condition, your age and skin type, your daily skin care regimen, and even your budgetary needs. However, there are some general guidelines that we should all follow when it comes to getting regular facial treatments from an esthetician.

Your Skin and Time

The first thing to understand is that your skin is an organ. It is comprised of living cells that each have their own individual life cycle. Those cells move from the underlying dermal layers to the surface of your skin over time. Once they reach that outer layer – called the epidermis, they become flattened and eventually die off. At that point, dead skin cells ultimately fall away or end up being removed during exfoliation or regular cleaning.

In most cases, it takes about a month for that process to play out. That means that your skin spends about 30 days or so moving to the surface. It also means that your skin’s appearance will be at a low point about once a month unless you take steps to revitalize it. Professional spa facials are a great way to manage that revitalization process.

Why Professional Facials?

Obviously, there are many choices when it comes to facial care. These days, you can find a multitude of at-home facial products that promise many of the same results that you can receive in a spa. The question is, however: are they as safe and effective as a professional treatment? The answer is simple: probably not. Many of those in-store products are littered with chemicals that can have a harsh impact on your skin cells. Few of those products work to provide the nourishment your skin needs for optimal health and vitality.

When you get a professional spa facial from a competent esthetician, you can enjoy the true benefits that proper facial care provides. Your skin can experience improved skin tone, and renewed youth and vigor. Even better, the best spas use natural facial care products that contain the nutrients your skin needs to boost its own healing and wellbeing. Regular, monthly natural facial care can be an essential part of any skin care regimen.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our technicians provide the natural facial care you need to always look and feel your best. We use natural products with ingredients designed to replenish vital nutrients and cleanse and bolster your skin in a healthy way. Natural skin care is essential for restoring skin health while avoiding the risky chemicals present in many of today’s over the counter skin care products. For your monthly facial care needs, rely on the spa that offers the best natural facial services in Fort Lauderdale. Call us to make your appointment today!