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Seven Secrets to Healthier Nails

Seven Secrets to Healthier Nails

As a woman, you know how important it is to have gorgeous, healthy nails. Your hands deserve to be well-maintained and properly presented, and it’s up to you to take care of them the right way. Still, it’s not always easy to keep your nails healthy, is it? Well, we have compiled a list of the seven secrets to healthier nails, so that you can finally keep your fingernails in tip-top shape!

Be Kind to Your Cuticles

Your cuticles are an essential component of overall nail health and help to promote and facilitate growth. And yet, many women routinely cut their cuticles in ways that can leave them open to infections and other problems. Try to leave your cuticle care to the professionals.

Watch Out for Acetone

Try to stay away from the acetone if you can. Yes, many nail polish removers use acetone-based ingredients to quickly remove the polish – but that acetone can damage some nails. If you can, try to find an alternative option that poses less of a risk to your gorgeous nails.

Try Not to Harden Your Nails

For most women, nail hardeners don’t really do much of anything at all. They certainly don’t improve the overall health of your nails, and some of them can actually damage the nails. Besides, your nails are supposed to maintain a certain level of flexibility. If you harden them, they may be more vulnerable to breaking.


You already know how important it is to moisturize – but chances are that you still don’t focus on it as much as you should. Moisturize the cuticles and nail bed each day. That will help to promote growth and protect the nails and cuticles from all the problems that can result from excessive dryness.

Keep them Properly Trimmed and Shaped

For best results on the nail health front, keep your nails trimmed to a manageable length, and maintain a natural shape. Yes, the long, pointy nails may look dramatic, but they’re not the healthiest option when you’re trying to protect and maintain your fingernails.

Don’t Use Them as Tools

Do we even need to go into details here? Your nails are not tools. Do not use them as tools. That’s why you have can openers, knives, scissors, hammers, power saws, and – oh, you get the picture. Protec your nails and use those tools instead!

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Whether it’s dish soaps or chemical-based cleaners, your nails are vulnerable to many common substances. Whenever you’re cleaning or encountering chemicals in any way, protect your nails with a good pair of rubber or vinyl gloves. They’ll thank you for it!

Oh, and here’s one more bonus tip for the road: schedule regular manicures and pedicures with the experienced nail technicians at Tiffany Beauty Spa. You’ll not only get the best manicure services in Fort Lauderdale, but a great head-start on maintaining those healthy, gorgeous nails too. Call us today to learn more about nail health and we’ll help you schedule your next appointment.