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Pedicure Fans: Be Alert for These Seven Things at Your Nail Salon

Pedicure Fans: Be Alert for These Seven Things at Your Nail Salon

For residents in the area and visitors from around the country and the world, sandals and other forms of open-toed footwear are the shoe of choice during the summer and much of the year. Of course, that emphasis on footwear that reveals the toes makes it even more important that those toes look good. And the best way to make your toes look their best is to maintain your pedicure schedule at your favorite nail salon! At the same time, it is important for consumers to be choosy about the salons they use, since there are common problems that can make your pedicure trip turn out to be more trouble than it is worth. To ensure a safe and productive spa experience, here are seven things you should be on the lookout for the next time you visit a salon.

  1. Is the salon unclean and disordered? If you see dust, garbage, or liquids scattered here and there, chances are that there are no clear safety and hygiene policies in place. Run as far and as fast as you can!
  2. Do nail files and other instruments look used or unclean? Bacteria and other debris can be transferred from one client to another when nail files are reused or other instruments are not properly sanitized. In New York, salons are supposed to ensure that they use a new file for each new client to protect everyone from the dangers associated with fungus and infections.
  3. Is your technician using the right file – and using it in the right way? Those cheap, generic files can damage nails, and any file can be a danger to nail integrity if used improperly. If you see a technician using the file in a back-and-forth manner on the surface of your nails, that’s a warning sign that indicates that he or she may not have much experience with manicures or pedicures.
  4. Check to see if your nail technician is thoroughly cleaning your nails before applying the base coat for any polish. A good antibacterial soap is the most efficient way to do that.
  5. Be alert for salons that water down their nail polish. Some do it as a way to make old polish thinner, but it can lead to less-satisfactory results like bubbles on the nail surface.
  6. Pay attention to any pedicure jets that are used to relax the feet. While those jets are certainly relaxing, they may also contain bacteria that could pose a danger to your nails or any open cuts you might have on your feet. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask.
  7. If your pedicurist is removing polish, make certain that it is being done in a way that won’t damage the nails. Some technicians try to hurry the task by using rigorous techniques that do little to protect your nail integrity. Patience should be the focus here.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, you won’t encounter any of those common problems. Our nail technicians have the experience you need to ensure that you get the best pedicure in Fort Lauderdale every time you visit, with no drama and no excuses. To find out more about how we can make your toenails look their best, give us a call today.