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Myths Exposed: The Truth About Eyelash Extensions Revealed

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If you’re like most women, chances are that you’ve went through life believing a whole range of “facts” involving eyelash extensions. These handy little cosmetic devices have been around for a century now, and have gone through a number of evolutionary periods as they’ve gradually become a common tool in the never-ending quest for perfect lashes. It is perhaps surprising then that there remain so many common myths about these beauty enhancements. Let’s examine some of the most prevalent eyelash extension myths, and see how they hold up to the light of truth.

Myth: You Don’t Need a Professional to Apply Your Lashes

This is among the most common myths out there, and one that most women dearly wish to be true. Unfortunately, this myth is rarely true, since few women actually have the time, patience, and steady hand that proper application actually requires. Just think about it; we’re talking about using glue on your own eyelashes. Put simply, we just don’t have the space needed to list all of the things that can go wrong in that situation!

Myth: Eyelash Extensions Kill Your Natural Lashes

We’ll give this one a partial truth label, since it is possible to harm your natural eyelashes when you wear “falsies.” Even so, that is only true when lash extensions are applied in an improper manner. When a professional and experienced technician does it for you, those lashes of yours are in good hands.

Myth: Extensions are Painful

This myth is one that, like the damaged lash myth above, results from improper applications. Experienced technicians ensure that each lash has one extension. If pain results from any lash application, that usually means that the technician has somehow glued a number of lashes together – something that should never happen. Proper application of extensions should never involve any discomfort. In fact, they should feel so comfortable that you don’t even remember they’re there!

Myth: Extension Application Takes Many Hours to Complete

This one might be true if you try to do it on your own, or have a friend help you. Of course, that’s also the surest path to glued-together natural lashes, pain, and a whole host of mishaps. On the other hand, if you use a competent technician at a spa, the entire process usually takes no more than an hour and a half for even a full set of lashes.

Myth: Extensions and Humidity are a Bad Mix

For people in this area, this myth can be a real killjoy. The good news is that it is simply not true. Both heat and humidity stimulate natural oil production in the body, and those nutrients actually help to make your eyelashes healthier than they would otherwise be – which in turn strengthens the support they provide for your lash extensions. Heat, humidity, and extensions go together like PB, and J!

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we know how important beautiful eyelashes can be, and are committed to helping every woman enjoy the perfect lashes she deserves. If you have questions about these or any other lash extension myths, give us a call. As the premiere provider of the best eyelash extension services in Fort Lauderdale, we’re always here for all your beauty needs!