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Massage is Not Just Pampering; It’s Medicine

Massage is Not Just Pampering; It’s Medicine

Years ago, massage enthusiasts often referred to their sessions as a form of pampering. They were designated periods during which people would just treat themselves to the type of individualized care and attention that most of us seldom receive in our hectic lives. Of course, massage is still the art of pampering, but it’s also now recognized as something much more than that. For millions of people around the world, massage is also medicine.

That’s Not Hyperbole

Obviously, there will be some who thing that such statements are little more than hype, but they’d be wrong for believing such things. Massage is indeed medicine, and studies confirm it. Yes, those of us who’ve experienced massage in all its forms have known about its health benefits for many decades. In some parts of the world, they’ve understood these benefits for thousands of years. In recent decades in the West, science has been slowly catching up.

As recently as 2011, there was a study that confirmed the benefits of massage therapy for treating chronic back discomfort and pain. Anyone who’s ever experienced the real-world pain relief that a massage provides could have saved those researchers the time and effort they spent studying the subject.

More recent research has focused on specific conditions. In studies, various forms of massage have been demonstrated to help with problems such as:

  • Patients with migraine conditions – and other forms of tension headaches – can often enjoy reduced pain after just one massage session.
  • Yes, massage therapy can relax the body and mind, and improve the flow of blood and hormones – vital components for restful sleep.
  • Tension pain. Sore muscles, aching joints, and other tension-related pain issues can be effectively treated with different massage techniques.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. This irritating condition can also be relieved with various massage techniques.
  • Depression and anxiety. While many psychiatrists rely solely on medications for the treatment of these issues, massage can be one of the most effective therapies for calming the mind and reordering thoughts and emotions.
  • Recent research indicates that touch therapy can even mitigate much of the pain and discomfort that cancer patients are forced to endure.

Picking Your Medicine

Some people find themselves unsure about what type of massage therapy will best meet their needs. Here’s the thing, though: you don’t usually go to your doctor and pick from a selection of medications. He or she typically diagnoses your condition and prescribes what you need. It works the same way with massage. Discuss your symptoms and medical history with your massage therapist, and then he or she will recommend a massage technique that should work for your ailment – even if all you want is a little pampering.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we want to pamper you; make no mistake about that. But we are also committed to providing you with massage that is both medicinal and healing in nature, so that you always look and feel your best. If you’re ready to experience the best massage services in Fort Lauderdale, then call or contact us today.