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How to Break Those Bad Nail Habits

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Given how important nail appearance is these days, you would think that most people would do a better job avoiding poor nail care habits. The problem is that much of the common understanding with respect to nail care simply hasn’t kept pace with the times. For the longest time, it seemed that the only real advice out there was to give nails a gelatin soak and keep them coated with polish. New tools and understanding have revealed that many of us are trapped with habits that are keeping our fingernails from looking their best. To maintain healthy and attractive nails, you need to know how to break those bad nail habits.

  • Do you use your nails as tools for everyday tasks like opening cans or removing staples? If so, you need to stop so that you aren’t causing them to weaken or crack. Here’s a simple tip: if a tool exists to do a certain job, use that tool instead of your nails!
  • Are you a polish-peeler? That’s another bad habit that can strip away the top nail layers along with the polish. Not only will peeling damage the nails; it leaves the nail drier than it should be too. Use nail polish remover, and then properly moisturize when you are done.
  • Do you frequently get your nails wet? Believe it or not, swimming, showering, washing dishes, and cleaning can all take a toll on your fingernails. Your nails can bloat due to the intake of water, and that can cause essential oils to be pushed out. Bloat causes expansion that can ruin the bond that you need to keep your nails and polish together. To avoid those negative consequences, try to wear gloves to avoid contact with water and moisturize after showers, baths, or dips in the pool.
  • Are you one of those people who skip the base coat? That coat is not just for extending the life of the polish, but also serves to protect your nails from water, chemicals, and excess wear. Use your base coat before every application of polish to fill in ridges, protect your outer nail layers, and make them look even smoother than they otherwise would.
  • It goes without saying, but stop biting your nails. Look, we get it; a lot of us bite our nails when we’re nervous. Some people actually do it when they don’t have clippers handy, just as a way to shorten them. Whatever your reason, it is something that you should stop doing. To protect your nails, file them regularly. If you have to clip them, do it infrequently and then rely on a file to keep them at the right length and protect those smooth edges.
  • Leave your cuticles to the cuticle scissors. If you pick at them or peel them, you’ll inevitably end up removing healthy skin and nail layers too, and could even leave your nails vulnerable to infection.

Finally, make sure you get the best manicure in Fort Lauderdale on a regular basis. Professional nail care should be an important part of your regimen, and can be one of the easiest ways to ensure that your nails remain strong, healthy, and beautiful. Call Tiffany Beauty Spa today to discover how we can help you break those bad habits and enjoy the attractive, perfect nails that you deserve.