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Deep Tissue Massage: Does it Need to Hurt to Make You Feel Better?

Deep Tissue Massage Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve had some muscle soreness or tension and been told that you could benefit from a deep tissue massage, your first reaction might be skepticism. After all, we’ve all heard tales about how this type of concentrated massage therapy can be painful for the people who receive it. But is that true? Is deep tissue massage – or any massage, for that matter – actually designed to cause pain in order to bring about positive results? In other words, does your massage need to hurt in order to make you feel better?

Questions about Pressure

What this really comes down to is a question about the amount of pressure that therapists need to use to impact your body. Deep tissue massage is designed to peel away the layers of tension that can build up in muscle tissue over time or as the result of stress or injury. While many other types of massage focus on muscles close to the surface of the body, deep tissue therapy goes beyond those more readily accessible muscles to affect the tissues at a deeper level. That can help to decrease knots and tension, while increasing elasticity, flexibility, and healing.

The pressure question, though is one that has to be asked in order for therapists to provide the optimal level of healing for their clients. There is one general rule when it comes to pressure: it does not need to cause pain. As a matter of fact, any deep tissue massage that causes pain that goes beyond mild discomfort is probably being done incorrectly. Pressure is good. Painful pressure, however, should be avoided.

You Don’t Need Pain

The fact is that proper deep tissue massage can produce the desired benefits without excessive pain. Moreover, you can receive those benefits without feeling extremely sore afterwards. Remember, all massage should leave you feeling revitalized, even if you feel a little tired after all is said and done. That release of stress and tension rejuvenates the muscles, the mind, and your entire body.

Avoiding the Pain

So, how do you avoid the pain? That’s the $64,000 question, of course – but the answer is simple: communication. When you go in for a deep tissue or other type of massage therapy, you need to remember that the massage therapist is there to help you. Communicate with that therapist, so that he or she knows what hurts. Everyone has a different tolerance level for pain, and your therapist won’t be able to know your limits unless you communicate that information in a clear manner.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the most effective massage therapies available anywhere in the area. Our therapists can work with you to ensure that you receive the benefits you’re looking for, without enduring unnecessary pain and discomfort. If you’d like to learn more the benefits of this therapy or schedule your appointment for the best deep tissue massage in Fort Lauderdale, contact us today.