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Adult Acne: How Your Esthetician Can Help

Adult Acne: How Your Esthetician Can Help

When it comes to the skin’s appearance, there are few things more distressing for adults than adult acne. It’s one thing for teenagers to struggle with acne as the rigors of puberty cause massive hormonal changes that disrupt many of their bodily systems. It’s quite another for an adult to deal with skin that just can’t seem to avoid periodic outbreaks of acne blemishes. Many adults run to the pharmacy or their dermatologist at the first sign of a pimple outbreak, but that often ends in disappointment too. The good news is that an esthetician can often be just the answer you’re looking for.

Why Dermatologists Fail

No one disputes the fact that dermatologists spend years training in medical schools to learn about human physiology and the treatment of a wide variety of skin disorders. They are invaluable resources for correcting problems related to skin cancer, allergies, and many common skin diseases. For most dermatologists, however, the treatment of acne is not a high priority. Few ever bother to become acne experts, and those that do treat patients with acne often use generalized protocols that include things like antibiotics, and various chemical acne treatments.

Why the Esthetician Offers a Better Path to Success

Estheticians sometimes suffer from the same lack of insight – especially in spas and salons where they are encouraged to offer various chemical solutions to their patients with acne. Many of these products are promoted by the spas as part of a commercial agreement with various vendors and manufacturers, and may have limited efficacy in resolving acne problems.

At the same time, however, there are estheticians whose prowess in natural skin solutions lends itself to more effective acne treatments. When natural facial products are used for skin care, patients are able to avoid the irritation that is often caused by chemical skin solutions – irritation that can lead to an inflammatory response from the body’s immune system. Acne itself is an inflammation of oil producing glands, and is a type of infection that can be resolved using natural therapies.

A natural facial treatment can help to cleanse the pores without irritating the skin. These therapies can also help to induce greater levels of relaxation, and reduce the stress that often leads to higher levels of cortisol in the body – cortisol that can increase acne severity in patients. Finally, the use of natural facial care products helps to ensure that the skin is not disrupted by harsh chemicals that can adversely affect hydration levels.

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At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our estheticians can provide the natural facial care that you need to ensure that your skin looks and feels its best at all times. If you’ve suffered from skin care problems that have left you with persistent acne or other blemishes and irritations, and those pharmaceutical solutions have only made things worse, the best natural facial care services in Fort Lauderdale may be the answer you’ve been seeking. Give us a call today to schedule your next facial care appointment.