For many of our customers, shaving is a chore they’d just as soon avoid. And who can blame them? When you think about how easy it is to nick or cut your face or body with a razor, it’s no wonder so many people would just prefer to be rid of facial and body hair using other means. After all, why put up with the discomfort of shaving when there are other options available?



Ah, and that’s where waxing comes in. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we provide a full array of waxing options to enable your customers to rid themselves of any ungainly hair, regardless of where it may be. Of course, as always, we utilize only natural and safe products to ensure that your skin never comes into contact with the types of harsh chemicals or fumes that could do lasting damage. Our highly-trained professional technicians also perform every waxing job in a private room to safeguard your privacy.

Just tell us which hair you want removed, and allow us to do the rest! Let Tiffany Beauty Spa be your source for quality waxing in Fort Lauderdale.

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is common for women and men who just find their eyebrows too difficult to manage, or who desire a particular arch or other shape to convey a certain look. You tell us what look you’re aiming for, and we’ll help you assess how it will look. When you’re satisfied with your choice, we’ll trim and wax them to your specifications.

Lip / Chin Waxing

Most women hate shaving their lips or chin – and why wouldn’t they? Well, our technicians can help to get rid of those unsightly hairs and give you that smooth face and easier to manage skin you’ve been dreaming about.

Arms / Legs Waxing

With arms and legs, there are two ways to go: the full limb treatment, or halfway – from hand to elbow or from foot to knee. Whichever method you prefer, you can rest assured that our technicians can provide you the best waxing in Fort Lauderdale.

Bikini Waxing

When summer is near and you want to look your best in a bikini, it’s important to get rid of those wild hairs that might lie just outside the border of the panty-line. Our technicians will remove those offending follicles to give you the neatly trimmed, natural shape you need.

Brazilian Waxing

If you’re planning on a more daring and revealing look this summer, the Brazilian wax is perfectly tailored to those thongs and other ultra-skimpy outfits. We remove all the hair down there from back to front, including the inner area on the backside. Of course, you can also choose to leave a triangle or strip of hair in the front too. Get creative!

Back / Chest Waxing

The manscape is in right now, and men everywhere are waxing their backs and chests to get that smooth, hairless look that shows off those beach-ready bodies. For women, this can be a great way to remove hair that has shown up in places where it just doesn’t have a right to be!