When you feel like your appearance needs the fine-tuning that only a professional spa can offer, Tiffany Beauty Spa is the place to go. Our facilities are among the best in the industry, providing the most luxurious experience for all our clients. We surround you with an ambiance that is at once both calming and invigorating. And our eyelash and waxing technicians are not only friendly, but meticulous and efficient as well.


We also know how important your health and safety are, and are committed to ensuring both throughout your stay. To that end, we utilize only safe and organic eyelash products, carefully avoiding the use of any harsh chemicals that might endanger your health or serve as allergens in some way. That helps to ensure that your visit with us is as rewarding and carefree as it can possibly be.

When you visit us, you have your choice of eyelash services, waxing services, or both! Just peruse our menu, decide what you need, and let us handle the rest – all while you relax in the best spa in Fort Lauderdale.


Eyelash Services

If your eyelashes have you wishing they were fuller, longer, better-shaped, or just a different color, then we have the services you need. Our eyelash technicians can help you with eyelash extensions that can make your eyelashes longer than they’ve ever been, or provide the eyelash perm you need to give them that natural curl that many people associate with beautiful lashes.

As for color, we offer eyelash tinting that can take even the palest and barely visible eyelashes and provide them with a bold new look that is sure to command attention. Not to be left out of the equation, your eyebrows demand notice too! Our technicians can tint those lightly hued eyebrows and save you the trouble of penciling in false brows ever again!


Waxing Services

Waxing is a major concern for many people today, as the hairless look is more popular than ever. Women wax to limit the amount of interaction their bodies have with harsh metal razors, while many men have taken to waxing to achieve the smooth body look with a minimum of fuss. Our waxing services cover the full range of hair removal options.

That means that you can choose to remove the hair from your eyebrows, and lip or chin. This is an especially popular choice with many women, as it provides a quick and long-lasting way to manage unsightly facial hair.

Both men and women can also avail themselves of our back, chest, arm, and leg waxing services as well. Hair grows in the most inconvenient places, and properly managing it can require a tremendous investment in time and potential cuts and irritation.

Finally, the bikini area can also be better managed using either a standard bikini wax job or the more comprehensive Brazilian wax. These comprehensive wax jobs are the perfect way to indulge your passions when beach season is drawing near. With the right bikini-area wax from the best spa in Fort Lauderdale, you never have to wonder whether you can wear those skimpy bikini bottoms again.