Nail care doesn’t end just because your fingernails are clipped, smoothed, and polished. Your hands are important, to be sure, but your feet are every bit as deserving of a little pampering. The nail professionals here at Tiffany Beauty Spa understand just how hard your feet work to keep the rest of you going, and we’re committed to providing them with the same level of care you give to your hands by offering the best pedicure in Fort Lauderdale!



Because of that commitment, we care for your feet in an upscale and state of the art facility designed to provide the type of relaxing ambiance you need. Our friendly, professional, and highly-trained nail technicians will take the time needed to ensure that your feet are pampered every step of the way. Even more important is that we will do all of this without using those harmful and sometimes dangerous chemicals that can have lasting negative impact on your skin and nails. We’re proud of the fact that all of our services are acrylic-free!

Regular Pedicure

Our standard pedicure option offers a luxurious foot soaking to soften the feet, followed by a gentle scrub to remove dead skin and leave the skin smooth. The nails are then clipped and shaped, the feet are gently massaged and moisturized, and the nail polish of your choice is applied.

Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure provides all of the features of the regular option, but adds even more luxurious benefits to the package. The foot massage is more intense, and not just designed to rejuvenate the skin, but to relax the feet as well. The skin will also be exfoliated to ensure that it is silky smooth when the process is finished.

Tropical Breeze

This is the traditional spa pedicure you’ve grown to know and love, but with a twist! It utilizes peppermint to create a rejuvenating effect that is considered by many to be second to none. Your feet soak in a peppermint solution that provides a soothing and cooling effect to even the most sensitive feet and toes. Throughout this pedicure process, your feet are continually pampered with rich ingredients designed to hydrate the skin and help smooth out any calluses or dead skin.

Lavish Pearl

The lactic acid present in milk products is a well-known exfoliant. When you receive a lavish pearl pedicure, we’ll take full advantage of that benefit by using this powerful natural cleanser to purify your skin. The lavish pearl experiences will calm you, soothe tired and sore feet, and help deal with inflammation. Best of all, your feet will look great when we’re done!
The Royal Velvet

The Royal Velvet treatment is based on aroma therapy, and does much more than simply address the physical aspects of foot care. In addition to your normal spa pedicure benefits, you’ll also enjoy the type of serenity that only aroma therapy can bring. When all is said and done, you’ll find that your mind and spirit are as rejuvenated as your feet. As far as pedicures go, there is no better form of natural healing! Come in today and get the best pedicure in Fort Lauderdale.

Come in today and get the best pedicure in Fort Lauderdale.