Aside from your hairstyle, there are few physical attributes that say more about the type of person you are than they way you manage your nails. From their shape and styling to their color, your nails’ appearance reveals more to the world than you might realize. Because of that, it’s important to trust their care to dependable professionals who know just how critical it is that nail health and appearance are given maximum priority.


At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our team is comprised of the most competent and friendly nail technicians in the business, and they’re committed to providing you with a luxurious and rewarding experience during every visit. We never use acrylic, and rely on only the safest, healthiest products for all our manicure and pedicure packages – because those harsh and dangerous chemicals have no place near your skin or nails!

The best Fort Lauderdale nail care includes a variety of manicure and pedicure services:

Pedicure Services

Our pedicure services also come in a variety of options to ensure that you receive just the care you want and need. receive just the care you want and need.

Regular Pedicure

Your toenails receive a luxury soak to soften dry and course skin, a scrub to remove dead tissue, and the clipping and shaping needed to perfect their form. After a massage and moisture treatment, we then polish them with your chosen color!
Spa Pedicure

In addition to the regular features, you also receive an intense foot massage and exfoliation. Our goal: to have you walking away as relaxed and refreshed as possible!
Tropical Breeze Pedicure

Tropical Breeze that provides the cool, soothing sensations of a peppermint soak will have you wondering why you never tried this before. Tropical Breeze is a great treat for your feet!
Lavish Pearl Pedicure

We rely on milk’s exfoliating properties to cleanse your skin at levels you never dreamed possible. If your feet are tired, swollen, and sore – or just in need of a different kind of experience - the milk package is perfect for you.
The Royal Velvet

Take the standard pedicure package and add in deliciously exotic aromas and what do you get? The Royal Velvet pedicure package that relies on the best features of aroma therapy to energize your feet, your mind, and your very spirit! Stop in and experience the best Fort Lauderdale nail care today!

Manicure Services

Manicure services include several different options, all designed to provide you with perfectly cut, shaped, and polished nails.

Regular Manicure

Our standard manicure includes trimming, shaping, smoothing, and your chosen choice of polish.

Shellac Manicure

With the Shellac, you get everything you enjoy with the standard package, plus a protective coating that will ensure that your nails are up to whatever strenuous task you set before them.

Spa Manicure

The spa treatment includes the standard features, but adds that extra bit of pampering you know you need. Your skin will receive the benefit of exfoliation, and a thorough hand massage that will leave you feeling delightfully rejuvenated.

LCN Fills

For your artificial nails, nothing says longevity like a good fill.