Reflexology has gone from being a curiosity in the West to a more common form of therapy employed by untold numbers of patients and casual massage seekers. It is based upon the belief that there are reflexology points in the feet and in the hands that can directly impact different areas of the body when they are manually manipulated in certain precise ways.



This practice has become so common that there are even those who use some of the most common principles on themselves. Our clients understand, though, that the most effective way to benefit from this massage technique is to have it performed by a competent professional. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we have the most experienced and expert practitioners in the business and provide the most effective reflexology in Fort Lauderdale.

Every reflexology session is conducted in a luxury room designed for privacy, quiet, and complete relaxation. The therapists have practiced hands, and professional but friendly attitudes that will have you feeling right at ease. And to protect your health, we use only organic products. You never have to worry about coming into contact with dangerous chemicals or fumes while under our care!

We offer both foot and hand reflexology.

Foot Reflexology

Our therapists understand the principles behind foot reflexology, and how to properly use this technique to affect the desired areas of the body. While many people are initially leery of this process – primarily due to a fear of being tickled – the pressure used is sufficient to avoid that sensation. With these techniques, the therapist can not only promote full body relaxation, but can also help in a number of other areas.

For example, reflexology can help to improve circulation, refresh tired feet, and even reduce pain in various areas of the body. The sessions are all performed in a relaxing environment, and most clients report feeling a renewed sensation of calm after the experience. Some are so relaxed that they are almost sleepy!

Hand Reflexology

Like the feet, the hands contain many pressure points that correspond to various regions of the body. When our massage experts apply the right level of pressure to the right regions of the palm or back of the hand, they can positively impact sore muscles, ligaments, and other body parts that are overly stressed or in pain.

Hand reflexology is often chosen by those who are less than comfortable with having their feet and toes manipulated. Its effects are similar to those that can be achieved using traditional foot techniques. Muscles in the hand can be loosened, and at the same time other areas of the body are relaxed.

Apart from the whole body benefits associated with this therapy, there are obvious benefits for the hands and wrists as well. This therapy is thus ideal for people who work with their hands, as well as those who have suffered from injuries related to accidents or repetitive stress. Regardless of why you need it, one thing remains undisputed: when you need the best hand reflexology in Fort Lauderdale, the therapists at Tiffany Beauty Spa have what you’re looking for!