When life is stressful and your body is feeling the tension from all those burdens and responsibilities, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a little pampering. Fortunately, Tiffany Beauty Spa is the one place that has you covered with a full complement of massage offerings – one of which is sure to fit your needs! Stop by, meet our staff, and see what we can do for you!



If you do, you’ll discover what all our customers have come to understand: we have the best trained massage therapists in the world, with experienced and talented hands. Their attitudes are just what you need to experience after a hard day in the real world!

Once you decide on the type of massage you need, we’ll take you to your serene, private room so that you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance surrounded by the luxury you deserve. From start to finish, our massage process is designed to ensure your comfort – as well as your safety. And where safety is concerned, we never take shortcuts. No toxic chemicals are used in our massage therapies. Instead, we rely only on the safest organic products available on the market today to provide you with the best massage in Fort Lauderdale.

We offer both bodyworks massages and reflexology.


Bodyworks Massage

Our bodyworks massage services run the gamut from the traditional and well-known Swedish massage to the more intricate lymphatic drainage massage.

Swedish massage


This is the same classic massage you're used to, only ours are performed by some of the most practiced hands in the field.


Deep tissue massage


For those deep muscle tension issues, deep tissue therapies are often the best option. We can get those kinks out!


Shiatsu massage


If you've never experienced this Japanese pressure point system for muscle relief, you owe it to yourself to try it.


Hot stone massage


Forget the heating pad – if you want to use heat to get down deep into those tight muscles and tendons, let our professional massage therapists handle the situation with a nice hot stone massage.
Couple massage

Sure, your spa time is often your “you” time. But every now and then, maybe a little romance might be nice, right? Bring your partner and let us spoil you both!

Prenatal postnatal massage

Ah, the joys – and discomforts – of pregnancy. Why suffer through every ache and pain when we can provide just the massage you need during and after your pregnancy.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Your lymph nodes have to be healthy and fully functional for you to enjoy peak health. We can help to open them up and ensure that they're able to do their job!


Our therapists have mastered the reflexology massage techniques for both the hand and foot. Choose one or select them both! Regardless of your choice, we’ll ensure that your hands and feet are properly massaged, and that the corresponding body parts receive the benefits you’re looking for. By the time we’re done, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll agree that our technicians provide the best massage in Fort Lauderdale!