Tiffany Beauty Spa is the first choice for those who want the best massage in Fort Lauderdale. Our services, staff, and facilities are top-notch, and our commitment to client satisfaction is second to none. Regardless of whether you’re coming in for a simple nail treatment, or planning on spending the day with the full spa experience, our staff always looks forward to ensuring that your experience is as enriching and revitalizing as possible.


Of course, the spa offerings are what attract our customers and lead them to visit with us in the first place. First encounters are almost always like that: the bright and shiny new thing gets attention right away. We pride ourselves, however, in proving to those new customers that there’s more to Tiffany Beauty Spa than just nail treatments, massage, and other spa services. There are a number of other things that help to make our spa special! And it’s those other features that often serve to keep our new friends coming back time and time again:


Our facility is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale on historic Las Olas Boulevard, in an upscale, high-end location. We feature spacious and luxurious décor, and guarantee a safe and quiet atmosphere. Everything is designed to ensure the most relaxing experience for all our assorted clientele. That means private rooms for massages to enable you to completely relax and enjoy the revitalization that only comes from the world’s best massages!


A commitment to safety means that we’re committed to ensuring proper hygienic practices at all times. We maintain our facilities in a spotless manner, requiring that they be ultra-clean at all times to preserve our hypoallergenic environment. To protect you and all our clients, our equipment is not only 100% sterile, but disposable as well.


From the moment you arrive, you’ll be met by smiling, friendly professionals ready to cater to your every spa need. Our nail technicians and massage experts are all experienced and professional, and approach each encounter with only one goal in mind: to make your visit and your experience not only enjoyable, but deeply enriching and memorable as well. After just one encounter with them, you’ll feel like they’re old friends you’ve known all your life!


There is no substitute for quality when it comes to products, which is why we use only the best – and the safest – materials in all our spa activities. You’ll never find us using those harsh chemical substances that can pose a risk to your health or our environment. Instead, every ingredient we use is all-natural and organic. That way, we know that you’re protected from any potential harm.


Anyone who has ever been to the Las Olas area understands what the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale is all about. We’re at the epicenter of world-class culture, in an area within close proximity to the world-renowned and historic Fort Lauderdale Beach. The area boasts a vibrant night life, tremendous sight-seeing opportunities, and some of the finest shopping you'll find anywhere on the planet. That’s why we chose it as the perfect location to provide the best massage in Fort Lauderdale.