Get Your Blood Moving with Massage

Get Your Blood Moving with Massage

How’s your circulation? Most of us don’t really think about our blood flow until it becomes a problem, but we should. After all, poor circulation can lead to all sorts of health problems – even above and beyond the annoyance of cold extremities. To protect your bodily organs and ensure optimal health, you need to maintain good circulation. For some time now, people have resorted to various medications, diet, and exercise to help improve blood flow. But what about massage? Can massage therapy also help improve your circulation, as some claim?

The short answer is an unqualified yes! And the longer answer? There is evidence that massage therapy can boost your circulation, regardless of whether you exercise. Of course, that will be exciting news for anyone who wants to enjoy better bloods flow and all the health benefits that come with it, but who doesn’t want to be forced to spend an hour or more in the gym each day.

So, how do we know this? Well, researchers have conducted studies to determine massage’s impact on circulation. In one such study, they focused their attention on a group that has traditionally experienced poor circulation: sedentary individuals over the age of eighteen. They divided them into two categories and had one group exercise while the other group refrained from that part of the test.

Here’s where things got interesting. They had half of the exercise group receive massage after their exercise session, while the other half received no massage. Both groups reported muscle soreness after the session. However, the no-massage group reported that the soreness lasted for the next twenty-four hours. The group that received the massage saw their soreness recede within a mere ninety minutes!

When the research team checked blood flow, they found that the group that received massage after the exercise session experienced marked improvements in their circulation – which is why they enjoyed faster recovery times and reduced levels of soreness. That increased blood flow helped the muscles to recover, providing cells with the nutrients and oxygen they needed to regain their vitality.

But what about the group that didn’t exercise? That group, which only received the massage therapy, experienced circulation improvements that were comparable to those participants who exercised and received massage! Researchers came to the same conclusion you probably just reached: with massage, your circulation improves even if you don’t exercise!

Now, we’re not suggesting that you don’t exercise. Obviously, we should all try to exercise at least a few times each week. However, you can and should add massage into your exercise and general health regimen, to ensure that your body’s circulation is always at optimal efficiency.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our massage therapists have the experience and expertise you need to help you enjoy all the benefits that massage can bring. And by getting your blood flowing today, you can better ensure a healthier and more active tomorrow. To find out how the best massage services in Fort Lauderdale can benefit you, call to schedule your next appointment today.