Therapy You Need: Deep Tissue Massage!

Therapy You Need: Deep Tissue Massage!

If you’re a fan of massage, then chances are that you’re already familiar with many of the benefits that hands-on muscle manipulation can offer. Many millions of people around the world seek out professional massages to help them relax, renew their energy, and ease sore and tired muscles and tendons. Still, it’s important to remember that different massages can produce different results. Deep tissue massage, for example, is more than just soothing and relaxing. This type of massage offers a wider range of health benefits that could make deep tissue massage the perfect therapy for you.

Why Deep Tissue Massage is Different

Most types of muscle massage use strokes that move with the muscles, easing tension and coaxing tired and sore tissue into a relaxed state. Deep tissue massage utilizes motions that move against those muscles, to apply pressure deep within those tissues. As a result, deep tissue massage can have an impact that goes much deeper than the surface tissues that are affected by other massage techniques. This more intense approach to muscle manipulation enables deep tissue massage to produce results that are not always possible with other techniques.

For example, deep tissue massage is believed to be capable of lowering blood pressure. A study nearly a decade ago revealed that one roughly-hour-long deep tissue massage session helped to create a noticeable decrease in the participants’ blood pressure. For patients suffering from high blood pressure, this type of massage may be beneficial in helping to control that condition when used in concert with their doctor-prescribed treatment options.

Deep tissue massage also offers impressive benefits for athletes and others who sometimes suffer from muscle soreness or injury. Many sports teams use massage to aid athletes in their recovery from soreness and injury. The massage can reduce tension, increase blood flow, and have a positive impact on those athletes’ psychological well-being – all of which can contribute to faster healing times. Those benefits can be experienced by anyone suffering from similar muscle ailments.

This massage can also provide many of the same benefits offered by other techniques. If you have back pain related to tissue soreness or damage, deep tissue massage can ease that suffering. If your body and mind are stressed from the pressures of everyday life, this type of massage can offer a way to ease that anxiety and discomfort. There’s even evidence to suggest that it can help to alleviate pain and discomfort from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and similar ailments.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our commitment is to help you look well, feel well, and live well. Anxiety, pain, and other physical and mental distractions can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why our experienced massage therapists are here to ensure that you can receive the best deep tissue massage services in Fort Lauderdale. If you’d like to discover how this type of massage can benefit you – or are interested in any of our other great massage services – contact us today to schedule an appointment!