Do Pedicures Matter? Five Tips for Healthier Feet This Summer

Do Pedicures Matter? Five Tips for Healthier Feet This Summer

Are you one of those people who dismisses the importance of regular pedicures. Do you tend to think of them as nothing more than pampering sessions – enjoyable, but hardly necessary? If you’ve spent much of your life ignoring your feet, then it’s time to start taking foot care seriously. And with summer upon us, there’s no time like the present to learn these five tips for healthier feet.

Wear the Right Footwear

With summer comes all those summertime activities and outdoor adventures. Naturally, you might be inclined to don your summer footwear – flip flops, sandals, and other less-than-sturdy and protective shoes. Look, those are great choices if you’re at the beach or pool, but you need something more when you’re engaged in any other outdoor activities – if only to protect your feet from cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Don’t Go Barefoot

Summer might seem like the right time for bare feet in the great outdoors, but walking around without shoes can cause burns on hot surfaces and expose you to fungi that you should really try to avoid. Always try to wear at least some type of shoe or sandal to avoid those problems.


Your feet need to be kept properly moisturized, just like every other area of your body. That helps to minimize dry skin, cracking, callouses, and a host of other skin ailments. At the same time, be sure to use sun screen on your feet when you’re at the beach or pool. Remember, they can burn just like any other part of your body!

Keep Them Clean

Good foot hygiene is a must if you want to have healthy toes and feet. Wash them regularly, keep them dry, and tend to even minor injuries to ensure optimal health. Part of that process involves keeping your toes dry, since moisture can provide a haven for bacteria and fungi. Wear shoes that offer your feet a chance to breathe, and switch out your insoles as often as needed to avoid any complications.

Get Regular Pedicures

Those tips are everyday routine habits that you should get into if you want to take care of your feet properly. To really maximize that care, however, you also need regular pedicures to keep your skin and toes in perfect condition. Trained pedicure technicians can properly clip and file your toenails, remove dead skin and callouses, and keep them looking and feeling great. It’s the perfect way to make sure that your feet are at their summer best all year-round!

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our nail technicians are highly-trained and experienced professionals committed to providing you with the best pedicures in Fort Lauderdale. You’ll enjoy the full pedicure experience in a spa environment that is both welcoming and relaxing. So, it’s time to start taking your foot care seriously to ensure that you keep them healthy and ready for action. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment, and give your feet that summertime pedicure they so richly deserve.