Body Waxing 101: Summer and Body Hair Just Don’t Mix!

Body Waxing 101: Summer and Body Hair Just Don’t Mix!

If you’re like many millions of other people, the last thing you want to be sporting at the beach this summer is a shaggy coat of body hair. The sleek, hairless look is in these days, and both men and women alike are shaving, tweezing, and waxing that body hair away. For a variety of reasons, waxing continues to be one of the most popular hair removal options for obtaining that perfectly hairless summer bod. If you’re curious about how to wax, and which parts of the body you should focus on, we have some ideas that might help.

Professional Waxing is Always the Best Option

First, let’s deal with the “how to” issue. When it comes to waxing, you have several options. You can use wax kits that you can buy in stores and try to do the job yourself. You could also have a loved one or friend apply the wax for you. Finally, you can opt to get a professional wax treatment at a salon. The first two options can be hit-or-miss for most people. Yes, you could conceivably wax yourself and end up with perfect results – but that’s unlikely to happen. Instead, you’re more likely to end up with mediocre results and may even endure skin irritation and unnecessary pain.

At a professional salon, you’ll be cared for by experienced wax technicians whose expertise enables them to provide perfect wax solutions for every client. These experts will be able to help you enjoy a waxing free from unnecessary pain, skin irritation, and poor results. You’ll leave the salon with that perfectly smooth skin that you’ve always wanted. In short, when you want a job done right, always rely on trained and experienced experts.

Waxing Choices

If you’re trying to decide which areas of your body to wax, you have several different choices available to you. In the end, your decision will come down to your own personal preferences. Do you have unsightly back hair that you want gone? Are you a man who wants a clean-shaven chest or legs? Women, are you looking for that perfectly-shaven bikini line or flawless legs? Waxing can be the perfect choice for any of those needs.

There are some obvious caveats, however. Many women prefer to avoid wax on the face except for around the lips and brow. The rest of the face can often be too sensitive for wax. In addition, the underarm area is usually a place where you should use a razor or even laser therapy. If you do wax those underarms, make sure that you have a month or two of growth to maximize your results.

The important thing is to recognize that waxing is a safe and effective way to avoid razor damage to the skin, the pain from tweezing, and the costs associated with laser treatments. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our wax technicians are here to ensure that you get the best waxing services in Fort Lauderdale. Call us today to schedule your summer wax appointment!