Protect and Beautify Your Nails with a Shellac Manicure

Protect and Beautify Your Nails with a Shellac Manicure

Like women everywhere, your day is almost certainly filled with a plethora of task both great and small. Face it, ladies: idle hands are seldom a problem for any of us! Of course, there’s a drawback to all that activity, as that non-stop activity can take a toll on your hands – and especially your nails. If your nails are in contact with harsh chemicals, weakened by contact with the elements, or otherwise damaged from the rigors of each day, you should consider a shellac manicure to help protect and beautify them.

Shellac Is Safer than Acrylic

By now, most of us understand the dangers of using acrylics on our nails. To avoid acrylic damage, it’s important to use a nail covering that is less invasive and more sensitive to your nail’s needs. Shellac provides the perfect blend of gel and nail polish, ensuring that your nails are never forced to encounter acrylics.

Shellac Is Strong

All that activity with your hands leaves nails vulnerable to chips, cracks, and breaks. That damage can be magnified if you spend a lot of time in outdoor activities during the summer months. Shellac is more durable than traditional nail polish and will provide your nails with the reinforcement they need to ensure that they can stand up to everything you put them through on any given day!

Shellac Is Easy to Maintain

If you’re like most women, you’d prefer to spend as little time as possible on nail upkeep. The good news is that shellac nails can be applied relatively quickly, and are much easier to remove than acrylic nails. More important, their durable nature means that you won’t have to be continually fussing over them. Maintenance is relatively easy, so you can just focus on living life without constant nail polish touchup and repair.

Shellac Is Naturally Beautiful

The natural look is the “in” thing right now, as women are choosing polish tones that are much closer to the look of their natural nails. That artificial look that you get with most traditional manicures simply isn’t as popular as it used to be. Shellac nails can offer you the best of both options, with beautiful colors to give you that dramatic flair you want, but a natural finish that is more in keeping with today’s styles. For natural, strong, and gorgeous nails, few options can even begin to compare with shellac.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our technicians can provide you with the perfectly-applied shellac manicure you need to meet all your nail care needs. We use products that are natural and safe, to ensure that the health and structural integrity of your nails are always maintained. And, of course, we work with you to choose colors and designs that complement your own unique style – to better meet your beauty needs and give you those perfect nails you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment, and enjoy the benefits of shellac nails with the best manicure services in Fort Lauderdale.