Eyelash Perm or Extensions: Which is Right for You?

Eyelash Perm or Extensions: Which is Right for You?

Is there a woman alive who doesn’t want perfectly thick and curled lashes? Your lashes are the ultimate beauty enhancer and help to focus attention on your eyes in ways that no amount of makeup can ever hope to match. Eyelashes have been such an important part of our beauty ritual that lash enhancements of one sort or another have been popular throughout much of history. In modern times, two of the most popular types of lash enhancement include lash extensions and perms. When your lashes need a little pick-me-up, which option is right for you?

The Eyelash Perm

If you’re familiar with perms for your hair, then you probably have some idea about what an eyelash perm can accomplish. When done properly, the perm can provide your eyelashes with a noticeable curl that will add the appearance of thickness and give you those lush, full eyelashes that you’ve always wanted. The effects can endure for months, enabling you to put aside your home lash curler and just enjoy those perfect lashes until your next treatment.

The Lash Extension

Eyelash extensions are all the rage these days, with everyone from celebrities to average everyday citizens scheduling application sessions at their local lash extension salon or spa. These applications take a different approach to perfect lashes by using special adhesive to glue a set of extensions onto your natural lashes, one-by-one. These extensions typically last until your natural lashes are shed. In the meantime, they offer longer, thicker lashes with that natural curl every woman is looking for.

Choosing the Right Option

Obviously, your choice of perm or extensions will be based upon your own personal preference, but there are some things that you can consider to help you make your decision:

  • Do your lashes already have a beautiful curl, but perhaps just need to be filled out to make them look fuller? If so, a lash application can be the best option.
  • Are your lashes thick and long, but straight? You should choose the perm and give your natural lashes that little boost they need.
  • Are you tired of mascara and other makeup and just want to look your best without that hassle? Extensions might be your best option then, since they eliminate the need for most eye makeup and simple rely on your thicker lashes to enhance your eyes.
  • Still not comfortable with the idea of gluing lashes onto your natural lashes? That’s understandable, since it takes some women time to realize how great extensions can be. Stick with the lash perm for now to ensure that you still look your best.

Better yet, you can save yourself the agonizing choice and schedule an appointment with Tiffany Beauty Spa today. Our lash experts can review your needs and help you determine which option will work for you. If you want to speak with a technician and learn how you can benefit from the best eyelash services in Fort Lauderdale, give us a call now.