Got the Winter Blues Already? A Massage Can help!

Got the Winter Blues Already? A Massage Can help!

Have you been feeling those old winter blues already? Sure, we’re only a little more than a month into the winter season, but that doesn’t mean that the impact of seasonal change can’t already be felt. For more than one out of every five Americans, seasonal change can have a real effect on how they feel. And while that impact might not be as severe for those who are fortunate enough to still have at least relatively warm temperatures, the shorter days can still affect mood and energy levels. The good news is that massage therapy can help to chase those winter blues away!

Has Winter SAD Got You Down?

In addition to those winter blues, there’s also a more severe condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a mood disorder that can occur with the changing of the seasons. Its symptoms include an inability to get motivated in the morning, lethargy, and increased food cravings. All those symptoms can result in ongoing fatigue, weight gain, and even depression. And all because your body’s own internal clock is thrown out of balance – disrupting your circadian rhythms and affecting everything from melatonin secretions to serotonin.

Unfortunately, those mood changes that you probably thought were all in your head turn out to be rooted instead in actual physiological changes within your body. In a way, though, that’s actually a tremendous boon, since it means that physical massage can have a real impact on the root causes of your cabin fever, winter blues, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Massage Benefits

Millions of people receive massages every year, and many of them have reported positive benefits from therapy they’ve received in the winter. Winter blues can leave you feeling tense and anxious, and that can stimulate the stress response that your body uses as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, that release of adrenaline and cortisol can have lasting effects on your energy levels – leaving you fatigued and out of sorts. The impact of stress cannot be overstated!

Massage therapy can ease those effects by providing a variety of benefits:

  • Massage’s impact on anxiety and depression has been confirmed in research studies.
  • Massage has been demonstrated to increase serotonin levels, the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating things like appetite, mood, sleep, and even learning.
  • Studies have shown that massage therapy can help to regulate your circadian rhythms. That internal body clock needs to be in balance to properly deal with seasonal changes.
  • Massage stimulates the proper flow of melatonin, which is essential for your sleep cycle.

And, of course, massage also helps to loosen tight muscles and relive the physical tension and stress that can so often contribute to mental and emotional stress. In short, massage can provide the exact benefits that you need to beat your seasonal blahs.

Why Suffer?

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we’ve worked with more than our fair share of clients suffering from these seasonal complications. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that our specialists provide the best massage services in Fort Lauderdale. If your winter blues have got you down, give us a call today to schedule your next massage therapy.