Seven Habits for Perfect Skin

Seven Habits for Perfect Skin

Have you ever just looked a t your skin and wondered how it all went so wrong? Many of us have those times in our lives when we’re just so dissatisfied with our skin’s appearance that we can’t help but feel like we could have done something differently when we were younger. Well, let not your heart be troubled. The good news is that dry skin, facial blemishes, and other imperfections don’t have to keep you from enjoying the perfect skin you deserve. Try adopting these seven habits that other women use to maintain perfect skin.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

That old advice about getting your beauty sleep was not just another tale told to get you to bed. Studies have demonstrated that a lack of sleep can have terrible effects on the health of your skin. If you’re not getting between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, you should make every effort to do so.

Learn to Relax

This one is all about stress reduction. Stress not only kills, but it can make your skin unhealthy due to the increased levels of cortisol that added tension can create. That hormone can destroy essential elastin and collagen necessary for healthy skin.

Moisturize. Seriously…

Volumes have been written on the topic of moist skin. To maintain healthy skin, you need moisture at every level. With the right moisturizers, you can reduce water loss and keep your skin strong, supple, and healthy at all times.

Cleanse Your Face Nightly

In addition to sun and wind damage, your skin can be harmed by all those other bits of debris that tend to accumulate throughout the day. Your skin and pores need to be cleansed thoroughly each night to maintain proper health and skin wellness.

Stop the Popping

If you have a habit of picking at or popping pimples, just stop. That’s the quickest way to cause the type of facial scarring that can mar your appearance for life. Instead, steam blemishes and use mild acne medications.


We’re not talking about lengthy gym workouts, but instead any type of activity that gets your blood pumping and your body in motion. Exercise helps the body to cleanse itself of impurities, and can be an important part of keeping your skin as healthy as it can be.

Work with the Professionals

Don’t hesitate to get professional facial care from an experienced spa technician. In addition to your regular daily regimen of facial care techniques, you can also provide your skin support by working with a professional facial care specialist.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our technicians can provide you with the facial care services you need to ensure that you always look and feel your best. Our approach to facial services relies on gentle, natural products and techniques that will cleanse your skin and provide it with the support it needs to meet all the challenges that life can throw its way. If you’re ready to adopt sound habits for maintaining perfect skin and want to schedule your next appointment to receive the best facial care services in Fort Lauderdale, contact us today.