New Year, New You, and Perfect Nails in 2017

New Year, New You, and Perfect Nails in 2017

Nail care has never been easy. Most of us have struggled at different points in our lives to find just the right balance between utility and beauty when it comes to caring for our fingernails. And let’s face it; all the manicures in the world can’t stand up to one bad nail habit or misuse of the hands. So, as we start 2017, maybe it’s time to make one of those unexpected resolutions that we might actually be able to keep. Let’s resolve to focus on getting and keeping perfect nails in 2017!

Develop a Salon Routine

There’s nothing wrong with doing your own nails from time to time. However, if you want perfect nails and want to ensure that your hands always look their best, then you need to have a regular manicure routine of some king with professionals who are committed to helping you maintain perfect nails. No manicure lasts forever, so home touchups can be an excellent way to make them last longer. But in the end, there is no substitute for a professional manicure when you want to showcase perfect nails all year long.

Throw Away Bad Habits

Many of us have bad nail habits that we know we should forsake, but few of us ever really get around to dealing with those issues. This year, make a new commitment to changing your bad nail habits. If you bite your nails, stop. You’ll never have attractive nails if your teeth are mangling them on a regular basis! Do you pick at your polish? Commit to ending that habit too. There’s a right and wrong way to remove that nail polish, and chipping away at it is certainly the wrong approach. Do you use your fingernails as tools? Stop doing that too!

Redouble Efforts on the Nail Care Front

While your nail beauty regiment is important, nothing matters more than the health of your nails. This year, make a point of recommitting yourself to better nail care. Hand lotion is a must, but don’t forget to use that cuticle oil too. Shape your nails properly to avoid tears and breaks, and keep them free of dirt and debris to ensure that they’re as healthy as possible.

Get Creative!

If you’re one of those women whose nail care choices usually trend toward solid color polish and flat tips, be sure to catch up on the latest trends. Longer, tapered nails are back in style, and creative designs are all the rage. Flowery nail tip designs are a big hit at any age, and nail art can really showcase those long, beautiful nails in ways that single-colored polishes just can’t. Be bold.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we’re looking forward to 2017 and the exciting possibilities it will offer to all of us. We know that perfect nails can open our hearts and minds to those possibilities by enhancing our self-confidence and improving our outlook on every area of life. If you’re ready to enjoy those benefits and start your new year with the best manicure services in Fort Lauderdale, contact us today!