Between Facials: The Quest for Perfect Skin

Between Facials: The Quest for Perfect Skin

Have you ever noticed how so much of the conversation about facial skin care tends to focus on the types of professional facial you should get and whether natural facial care is better than the chemical approach? We all know how great your skin can look right after your facial is complete. The question that many clients want answered, however, is what you can do to ensure that your skin continues to look great during that time between one facial treatment and the next. When you’re fighting the war for perfect skin, an appropriate between-facial skincare regimen is a critical part of the battle.

The good news is that you can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your esthetician in that battle, and do your part to ensure that your skin is well-managed and protected even when you’re not in the spa environment. Most experts recommend that you have a professional facial treatment roughly every three or four weeks, since it takes that long for human skin to complete a cycle of growth. While the facial itself helps to stimulate that process, it is still important to exercise good facial care habits during those weeks between facials.

What Does Your Esthetician Suggest?

Your esthetician is the person you trust to care for your skin in the spa, so you should trust his or her advice about what to do after the treatment too. Talk with your esthetician about the type of care that’s best for your unique skin type, and then develop an at-home skin care regimen based on that advice. And then commit to following that regiment diligently, to ensure that your skin receives the loving attention that it needs to look its best until your next appointment.

Leave the Hard Work to the Pros

If you’re one of those people who feels the need to pop every pimple you see as soon as it appears, stop. There are certain things that you need to leave to the pros, to avoid doing any serious damage to your skin – like scarring that could mar your otherwise flawless skin. Be patient and wait for the professionals to take care of the issue.

Cleansing and Prevention are Key

Your esthetician’s advice will focus primarily on cleansing techniques, and maybe even specific product types that you should avoid. You should also do your best to prevent damage to your skin from environmental and other outside factors. Wear sunscreen and limit your exposure to high winds and other weather that can dry out and damage skin. That can help to prevent your skin from suffering in those weeks between facial sessions.

Your esthetician is your single-greatest source of sound advice when it comes to post-facial skin care. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our experienced facial experts will always be here to help you create the between-facial skin care regimen you need to maintain that healthy glow from session to session and throughout the year. To find out more about how the best facial care services in Fort Lauderdale can help your skin look its best every day, contact us today!