Your Best Manicure Options for Small Nails

Your Best Manicure Options for Small Nails

Women have always been drawn to great nail care, and there are few things better than a manicure to make nails look their best. For many women, the wide variety of different manicure styles and executions provide an almost endless assortment of beauty options from which to choose. If you have even average nails, there’s almost nothing that you can’t do to them when it comes to a manicure. For women with small nails, however, those options are much more limited. Here then are some of the best manicure options that you can choose if your nails are a bit undersized, and some things you should definitely avoid.

  1. Try a nude look. No, we don’t mean that you should walk around au naturel – we’re just talking about your nails here! Have your manicure done using a color as close to your natural skin color as you can find. That nude appearance has a tendency to make your finger and nails look longer than they actually are.
  2. Glitter it up. If you thought glitter was something that no adult would ever wear, then think again. Glittery nails are fun, eye-catching, and about as universally-attractive as any nail option can get.
  3. Choose an ombre affect that incorporates two colors on your nails, with the lighter colors designed to blend into the darker tones. Not only is this a really interesting effect from an aesthetic standpoint, but it really helps to draw attention away from the size of your nails by focusing the eye on the manicure’s artistic elements.
  4. Nail art can be another great option, and one that you can even try at home between professional manicures. Whether it’s hearts, flowers, stars, or cartoon character heads, the art you paint on your nails can really enhance their aesthetic appeal.
  5. You can use an outline manicure to really show off your short nails. With a dark outline around the cuticle and outside nail edges, and a bold color on the rest of your nail, you can create a dramatic effect that will really enhance the beauty of your hands.
  6. Be creative and try different things. Fearlessness is the key to finding the perfect manicure choice for you, since you’ll never really know how you feel about any option until you’ve given it a try. Tell your manicurist to just get creative and go crazy with your nails!

As far as things to avoid, keep a few important rules in mind. Small nails aren’t much of a canvas for complex artistic designs, so try to avoid those if you can. The same goes for adhesive art. There isn’t much room for large adhesives, so take the minimalist approach instead.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we pride ourselves on working with every client to provide the perfect manicure for each individual personality and need. Give us a call today for more great nail art ideas, and to schedule your next appointment for the best manicure services in Fort Lauderdale.