Study Suggests Massage Can Reduce Pre and Post-Surgery Pain and Anxiety

Study Suggests Massage Can Reduce Pre and Post-Surgery Pain and Anxiety

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you tell a friend about how your latest massage really helped you alleviate some pain you were experiencing, and he or she responds by telling you that you’re imagining things? That happens more than you might think, and is often the result of inaccurate reporting, skeptical scientist, and a general belief in many parts of the Western World that pharmaceuticals are the only real pain-relieving options out there. Well, a new study once again demonstrates just how effective massage can be for reducing pain.

As it turns out, the Massage Therapy Foundation commissioned a study not long ago, in which the Samueli Institute conducted an analysis of various research on the use of massage therapy to relieve pain and anxiety suffered by surgery patients. The study not only suggested that patients undergoing surgery could try massage to help alleviate their anxiety and pain, but that they should consider the option.

The study looked at the impact of massage therapy in two areas. The first area consisted of the anxiety and general fear that many patients experience in the period prior to surgery. Researchers found that such fear and worry often led to heightened pain sensations after the surgery was completed. To make matters worse, that increased pain only served to increase the anxiety and fear, which led to patients actively trying to avoid activities that they associated with pain – which in turn slowed recovery and disrupted their lives even more.

With the post-operative study, researchers examined the impact of pain during the recuperative stage of the process, and noted how post-surgery pain inhibits rehabilitation efforts, leading to prolonged periods of suffering, psychological distress, and negative economic consequences.

In examining the evidence of other research, the Samueli Institute found that massage therapy can effectively reduce the anxiety and fear that patients feel prior to any surgery event. This can help to reduce their stress, relieve tension, and even calm frayed nerves and mental concern. All of this contributes to improvements in both physical and mental health that can help the patient to better endure any surgical procedure.

When used in the post-surgery recuperative phase, massage therapy can stimulate blood flow, reduce muscle tissue tension, alleviate stress, and promote more rapid healing. All of these positive benefits can also directly impact the patient’s ability and willingness to participate in rehabilitation efforts to speed recovery and restore bodily function.

In short, this is just one more example of how science is coming to realize what massage enthusiasts have long known to be true. Massage therapy is a natural healing technique that can effectively counter pain in the human body. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we’re excited to see others come to this conclusion as well, and look forward to the day when everyone recognizes the vital health benefits massage therapy can provide. If you’d like to learn more or schedule your next session for the best massage therapy in Fort Lauderdale, give us a call today!