Lifeless Lashes? Try an Eyelash Perm!

Lifeless Lashes? Try an Eyelash Perm!

Throughout history, women have revered lush, well-curled eyelashes and considered them essential for maximizing their appearance. The problem is that many women are born with natural lashes that are fairly straight in appearance. In addition to being prone to tangling with the lower lashes, these straight eyelashes often appear lifeless and dull. This can be particularly stressful for women whose eyelashes may not be as long as they might prefer. If you suffer from straight, lifeless-looking lashes, there is a solution that can help: the eyelash perm!

Why You Might Need to Perm Your Lashes

If you’re blessed with a beautiful set of naturally-curled eyelashes, then the thought of someone wanting to perm their lashes might seem strange indeed. Women who endure straight lashes, however, understand just how attractive the idea can be. There are many reasons why a woman might want to perm her lashes to achieve that perfectly-curled look:

  • Many women have a daily regimen that involves curling those lashes by hand. That technique can be effective, but only to a limited extent. In many cases, heat, humidity, and the rigors of the day can leave those lashes drooling again before the day is complete.
  • Cured lashes tend to create the impression that the eyes are more wide open. That can better showcase the beauty of a woman’s eyes, make her appear more alert, and reduce the appearance of fatigue.
  • Curled lashes tend to look fuller than straight eyelashes. That illusion is accomplished by enabling more of the lashes to be seen. It’s not the curling process gives you more lashes, per se; it is just that the ones you have become more visible!
  • Curled lashes help to avoid the top and bottom lashes becoming entangled with one another – a painful occurrence that can sometimes impair your vision.
  • Curled eyelashes will boost your confidence, and eliminate those self-conscious feelings you might otherwise have about your eyes.

Is it Effective?

The lash perm process is a procedure that secures a semi-permanent curl in your eyelashes so that you can avoid daily curling and all of the hassles that come with it. The entire process can be accomplished in less than an hour, is completely safe, and lasts for the lifetime of the lash – which is why we say that it is semi-permanent. Since your eyelashes typically shed every three months or so, this is a process that only has to be repeated every couple of months.

While you could wait until the three-month period is up, chances are that you would spend the last month dealing with many straight lashes mixed among those that are permed. Lashes are shed at different times, so your best option is to have a new perm every two months to ensure that eyelashes are kept at their well-curled best year-round.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we offer the best eyelash perm services in Fort Lauderdale to our many clients, providing the safe and natural curling you need to keep your eyes always looking their best. Give us a call today to learn more about how this beauty technique can benefit you. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you get your perm session scheduled.