Fight those Summer Bugs with a Lymphatic Massage

Fight those Summer Bugs with a Lymphatic Massage

The early days of summer always bring with them a variety of illnesses like the flu. For many people, there is an increase in outdoor and social activity during the summer, and that can expose a lot of us to viruses and other illness sources that we don’t always encounter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, any bout with sickness can sideline you from summer fun while you work to recover your health. One way to ward against that possibility and ensure that you don’t miss a moment of summer thrills is to take the steps necessary to keep your immune system at optimal levels. A lymphatic drainage massage can be an important part of that effort!

What is the Lymphatic System Anyway?

Your lymphatic system is a key component in your body’s defensive structure, and helps the entire body in its efforts to ward off disease, infection, and sickness. It is often likened to a second circulatory system, and does indeed play a role similar to that critical blood delivering network. In this case, though, the lymph system directly works to support the body’s immune reaction. The system itself is comprised of lymph nodes, lymphatic organs like the spleen an appendix, lymph vessels, and lymph. Together, these components work to support the circulatory system, while also playing a vital role in fighting illness and disease.

Why a Massage?

The movement of lymph throughout the body is critical, especially when you consider how important proper functioning of this system is for removing toxins, transporting fatty acids from the digestive system, and moving white blood cells to where they need to be. When lymph is not flowing properly, the resulting buildup can cause systemic failures in other areas of the body, and prevent these systems from functioning as they should. This can be particularly problematic within the immune system, as a failure in the lymph system can disrupt the immune response and prevent the body from properly responding to the presence of infection and harmful substances.

When these blockages are present, lymphatic drainage massage can help to remove the obstacles within the body and restore the free flow of qi and lymph – which also has the added benefit of encouraging greater blood flow. That allows a return to proper system function, which in turn enables the body’s own systems to heal themselves or prevent illness from taking root.

The Benefits

When viruses and pathogens threaten the body, it is important that your immune system be at peak performance level to provide you with the strength you need to resist illness. The very gentle techniques used in this massage technique can help to stimulate greater lymph flow and provide your body with the extra ammunition it needs to return to and maintain its optimal level of health.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our concerns extend beyond our clients’ outer appearance, because we know that none of us ever truly look our best unless we feel our best too. Our therapists can provide the best lymphatic massage in Fort Lauderdale, to ensure that your immune system can help you in your efforts to fight off any illness that comes your way this Summer. Contact us today to learn how we can help you look and feel your best every day!