What Will They Think of Next? The Massage Hoodie!

What Will They Think of Next? The Massage Hoodie!

Like pretty much every other creature on Planet Earth, people have a natural desire to seek a certain level of comfort. No matter where they might find themselves in life, they always look for a way to make their environment as comfortable as it can be. It should come as no surprise then that this quest for comfort has now been expanded to include being comfortable even while we’re on the move. One of the latest entrants into the market for portable comfort comes in the form of what is being termed “the massage hoodie.” Its real name is the AiraWear, and it’s causing quite a stir in the popular culture right now.

A Sweatshirt and Massage?

Okay, it might sound a little silly when you first hear about it, but it actually makes sense in a strange and thoroughly modern way. Many of us are on the go throughout the day, with schedules that are often so packed with obligations that it can be tough to work in that one-hour massage most of us so desperately want and need. The problem is that all that muscle tension, aches and pains, and outright discomfort doesn’t take a break just because we can’t find the time to do something about it. The makers of the AiraWear understand that dilemma all too well, and are trying to do something about it.

The device itself is actually a vest of sorts, conveniently disguised within a sweatshirt hoodie. It has 6 inflatable pads with points made of foam, and each is positioned where it can most effectively massage areas likely to experience muscle knotting. There are also strips that run vertically down the back of the vest. These two can be inflated as well, and provide compression for the body. Tware, the manufacturer’s parent firm, says that this compression effect is designed to help alleviate stress and focus the mind.

Directing the Massage

Unlike some portable massagers of the past, you can actually exercise some level of control over the type of massage this device provides. You can target your lower back, upper back, and shoulders, and can even choose between a mode that massages all three and a setting that is designed for something gentler. The massager also comes with enough power to provide three continuous hours of therapy before the battery must be recharged.

The expected price tag will be around $250, but early supporters of the company’s crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter can receive their own vest (sorry, no hoodie included) by pledging $99 to the effort. A pledge of $129 will get you the vest and hoodie.

The massage hoodie may not offer the full range of benefits that you can receive from a professional massage, but it can provide some relief between your regular sessions at Tiffany Beauty Spa. More than that, it’s sure to be a great conversation piece when you get together with family and friends. Naturally, we don’t offer hoodie massages here – but we do provide the very best massage services in Fort Lauderdale. Give us a call today to schedule your next session!