Research Suggests Reflexology as Effective as Chemical Painkillers

Research Suggests Reflexology as Effective as Chemical Painkillers

Natural healing techniques are often viewed as an oddity by those who have been raised in a culture that places primary emphasis on pharmaceutical solutions to medical problems, and reliance on evidence-based medicine. Unfortunately, that reliance on modern medicine often results in patients being denied access to natural care that is often as good as – or better – than the drug-based treatments used by most medical practitioners. Fortunately, science is slowly learning to recognize the real value and usefulness of natural healing. One clear example of this phenomenon involves scientific studies of therapies such as reflexology, and its ability to match chemical painkillers in the treatment of patient pain.

Reflexology has long been considered controversial by many in the scientific community. Some have doubted traditional practitioners’ belief that reflexology’s ability to reverse the blockage of QI in the human body can facilitate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Others have simply doubted that manual manipulation of pressure points in the hands and feet can have any serious positive impact on other areas of the body. Positive anecdotal reports from recipients are typically dismissed by naysayers who continue to demand scientific proof of the existence of a bodily life force.

The University of Portsmouth Research

UK researchers at the University of Portsmouth reported back in April, 2013 that they had completed a study examining the impact of reflexology on acute patient pain. The research project involved tests designed to compare patients’ responses to two different treatment types. In both treatment instances, those patients were given specific therapies before being asked to place a hand into ice water.

The first test saw patients receive reflexology prior to placing their hands into the water. In the second, patients received placebo pain treatment from an unpowered TENS unit. Patients reported a 40% reduction in pain from the reflexology therapy. In addition, their ability to withstand the pain from the ice water was roughly 45% higher than when they received the placebo therapy.

The Study’s Conclusions

The research team concluded that reflexology appears to have many of the same effects that have been documented in traditional acupuncture therapies – particularly with respect to the treatment’s ability to induce the release of pain-mitigating chemicals from the brain. They also noted that the study’s methodology was similar to the way researchers use sugar pill placebos to test the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs.

At Tiffany Beauty Spa, we welcome ongoing scientific research that validates the effectiveness of many of the most commonly used natural healing techniques. Research like this serves as a reminder that treatments like reflexology have the potential to do more than just relax customers during a day at the sap. Meanwhile, our clients already understand just how valuable reflexology and similar natural treatments can be in their efforts to mitigate pain and enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn even more about how the best reflexology services in Fort Lauderdale can benefit you.