Natural Facial Care Secrets You Need to Know

Natural Facial Care Secrets You Need to Know

Flawless skin is like the Holy Grail of facial skin care; most women spend a great deal of their lives searching for it and many simply come to view it as an unattainable goal that only the “genetically blessed” will ever enjoy. The fact is, though, that virtually everyone can enjoy healthy, glowing, and youthful skin – if they are willing to make the effort. Here are a few of the natural facial care secrets you need to know if you want to get and maintain that beautiful skin you’ve been dreaming about:

Mind the Sun

You probably already know that the sun can be one of the biggest enemies your skin can have, right? Well, it’s not enough to simply avoid that big ball of gas and fire in the sky; you need to proactively work to counter its effects. The fact is that your skin will have contact with the sun’s rays, even if that contact only comes through sunlight streaming in through a window. Get in the habit of using a sunscreen containing an SPF of no less than 15 to block out those UV rays.

Diet and Exercise Do Matter

For healthy skin, you have to eat right and get regular exercise. Stay away from the sugars to keep your insulin levels normalized, and focus on whole foods containing plenty of vitamins and protein. Vitamin C is especially important if you want that natural glow that people associate with healthy skin. On the exercise front, try jogging, yoga, or resistance training four or five days a week to keep that blood and sweat pumping. You’ll not only feel better, but will also help to keep you body clear of toxins that can damage your skin.

Get Your Rest!

Yes, you really do need that seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Without it, skin will start to tire and sag and you’ll wake up one morning wondering why you suddenly have those dark circles. Also, be sure to remove makeup any time you are lying down to rest, and moisturize.

Water is your Friend

That “eight glasses of water” rule is critical. You need water to remain hydrated, help regulate body temperature, and keep skin supple and youthful-looking. Water is also important on the outside of your skin, especially if you are prone to acne or other blemishes. Wash with warm water three or four times a day, and apply a gentle cleanser to keep those pores clean and open.

Avoid Stress, and Pamper Yourself

In addition to being bad for your physical and mental well-being, stress can be a real skin-killer as well. Try to set time aside to wind down from the cares of the day and focus on your needs. One great way to accomplish that stress release, while also pampering yourself at the same time, is to get in the habit of treating yourself to a regular spa visit that focuses on helping to keep your skin healthy. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our technicians can provide you with the best natural facial care services in Fort Lauderdale, in a relaxing environment that will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized in no time at all. To find out how we can help you to better manage your facial care regimen, give us a call today!