Six Secrets to Better Nails

Six Secrets to Better Nails

If you’re among the millions of people concerned about the appearance of their fingernails, the battle to obtain and maintain perfectly groomed and beautiful nails can often seem like an exercise in futility. While almost everyone can enjoy the health and aesthetic benefits that good nail care can provide, few people have the time to dote on their fingernails each day. Fortunately, there are some simple secrets that can help you to ensure that your hands and nails always look their best!

Moisturize Regularly

How often do you moisturize your hands? Many people simply fail to commit to a moisturizing routine for their hands and nails, and that can lead to all sorts of problems. Dry nails can split, flake, or crack. You can avoid that by spending a few minutes each day applying a little hand lotion.

File Your Nails

This one is not about shaping the nails; you can do that at the salon. Instead, just focus on filing each nail for about a minute, once a week. The whole idea is to just run over them with the file so that those unseen cracks and imperfections get smoothed out.

Use Safe Products

For many women, the removal of nail polish usually entails two options: chipping the polish off with their fingernails, or rubbing it off with an acetone-based remover. Never chip off the polish. That acetone that works so well also has the unfortunate effect of drying out your cuticles and weakening the nails, so be careful when you choose your polish remover. Always look for products that moisturize as they work, to help minimize any potential damage.

Gel Polish!

The next time you choose nail polish, choose gel. Its strength and durability will help ensure that your fingernails are protected as they grow. This option can be especially helpful for people whose nails seem to have a habit of breaking off on a frequent basis.

Avoid Nail Risks

It is sometimes surprising to see how often people break or chip their nails doing things like removing staples, or picking at their teeth after a meal. It is especially surprising when you consider that mankind long ago developed tools to help us with those chores. As a general rule, if there is a tool that can do the job, use it instead of your nails.

Trust the Professionals

While the previous tips can help you prevent damage and maintain your nails, truly perfect nails usually require a visit to the professionals. Try to commit to a regular manicure routine with a trusted salon, and then use your daily regimen of nail care to maintain those results.

And when it comes to the professionals, you need to know where to get the best manicure in Fort Lauderdale. At Tiffany Beauty Spa, our manicure specialists have the experience and commitment to excellence that you need to ensure that your fingernails are as healthy and attractive as they can be. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment, and learn more about how you can benefit from professional nail care.