Can a Spa Treatment That Includes Dry Brushing Help You Deal with Cellulite?

Can a Spa Treatment That Includes Dry Brushing Help You Deal with Cellulite?

Cellulite on the legs, buttocks, and abdomen remains one of the most common appearance concerns for many women. Those spots of dimpled skin pose no health risk, of course, but in an age where many people aspire to impossibly high standards for physical beauty, it is no surprise that so many people obsess over the problem. Fortunately, a dry brushing treatment may be just the answer you need to address your cellulite issues.

Before we look at that technique, however, it’s useful to consider all those other so-called solutions. As with most health and beauty issues, the attempt to deal with cellulite has grown into something of a cottage industry. Many millions of dollars are spent each year manufacturing and marketing various creams, lotions, and devices that promise to reduce your cellulite and restore that healthy smooth look that so many people consider ideal. New products and solutions appear on the market each year. But do they work?

There is little evidence that any of these skin-tightening creams and lotions have any real affect on cellulite. Some lotions and creams do appear to smooth out the dimples for a time, but research seems to indicate that this smoothing effect is the result of blood vessels being narrowed while water is depleted from the skin. Laser-light devices and similar technologies have the same drawbacks: they don’t really address the underlying issues that cause cellulite.

Cellulite is the result of fat deposits pushing against connective tissues in the muscles. As they do so, the skin dimples. This can happen regardless of your weight, and can be caused by dietary issues, hormone problems, poor circulation, thick skin, lack of exercise, and even a slow metabolism. Obviously, fad creams and machines aren’t going to help with those concerns.

A spa massage, on the other hand, can have a positive impact. Dry brushing can be a particularly effective way to increase circulation, get the lymph fluid circulating again, and help to exfoliate the skin. This procedure is done using a bristle brush, and involves brushing over the skin to stimulate increased drainage in the lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system is responsible for removing the body’s cellular waste, this can help to detoxify the body and remove waste deposits that might otherwise just accumulate around fat deposits.

Since fatty deposits are at the heart of the cellulite dilemma, anything that can help to remove excess waste in those areas is bound to be beneficial. In addition, the brushing can help to improve circulation, alleviate stress, and beautify your skin. Along with improvements in your diet and regular exercise, this addition to your massage regimen can do wonders for skin firmness and health!

We already know that massage can help to stimulate the lymphatic system when it is done properly. Adding dry brush treatments to that regimen may, in some cases, increase those benefits by helping to smooth out many of the cellulite dimples in your skin. And while it might not offer a permanent solution to your cellulite issues, even a temporary improvement in appearance can often prove tremendously satisfying.