How Do I Prepare for a Massage and What Do I Do Afterward?

How Do I Prepare for a Massage and What Do I Do Afterward?

Okay, so you’ve finally decided to get that massage you’ve been talking about for years, and the day of your appointment has arrived. Since it’s your first time, you probably figure that all you need to do is just show up and let it happen, right? Well, not exactly.

The reality is that you could do that, but chances are your experience will be less than it could have been had you taken the time to engage in a little pre-massage planning. To maximize the benefits and make the experience as rewarding as possible, here are some things you should do as you prepare for that first massage – and a couple of things you might want to do once you’re done.

Eat Beforehand

It might sound counterintuitive, and you might be afraid of an accidental digestive issue during your massage in Fort Lauderdale, but the simple truth is that you should eat something prior to coming in. Now, we’re not talking a three-course meal here; just a light sandwich or salad should do the trick and spare you any lightheadedness during your session.


Of course, you don’t have to shower if you’re absolutely opposed to the concept – but it is a common courtesy. Besides, the hot water will make you more relaxed, and your wonderful fresh smell will make the encounter more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Be on time

Most spas are pretty busy places, and they have a schedule to maintain that is every bit as important as your own. Chances are that if you show up late, your massage session will end up being shorter than you anticipate. Punctuality is a virtue, and showing up a little early will ensure that you have time to fill out any paperwork that is needed.

Communicate with your Therapist

This one is important. If you have any injuries, or have had major surgery, let the therapist know. If he does anything that feels painful or otherwise uncomfortable, say something. The last thing your massage therapist wants to do is cause you undue pain. Good communication can prevent that.

By the same token, if there is an area he’s working on that feels beneficial, let him know that too. That way, he knows what is actually helping you and can direct more of his energies to that area.

After it’s Over

When your appointment is over, try not to linger too long. As noted above, these are busy people. And while your therapist will no doubt be friendly and personable, he still has other clients to help. Thank him, and make a graceful exit.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to ensure that you’re fully hydrated. Though it might not seem like it, a massage can take a lot out of you! For that reason, you should avoid exercising after a massage in Fort Lauderdale. If you have to hit the gym, try to do it an hour or more before your session so that you don’t hurt yourself by overdoing things with muscles that are too relaxed to let you know that they’re not up to the challenge!

Finally, tell your friends. If you enjoyed your experience, share the news with the people you care about so that they can benefit from your discovery too.